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Pungo Posse Cowboy Action Club
Yeee Haaa!
Our Next Cowboy Action Match will be
Saturday, 04 March 2017
Winter Hours. Range opens at 9:30. shooter's meeting at 10:30 start shooting at 11:00
Match Cancelations will be posted here as soon as possible but not later than 9pm the night before the match.
Sheriff: Missouri Marshal
Chief Deputy: Beartooth
Secretary: Prairie City Slim
Treasurer: Quilla Star
Territorial Governor : Major B.S. Walker
Posse Elders
Wildcat Will
Sussex County Range War 2016
The next Double Action Revolver Match will be
Thursday, 23 March 2017
The Pungo Posse is a SASS affiliated club and all SASS rules apply with the following exceptions.

1. A round over the berm during the normal course of fire is a "No Call" A round over the berm resulting from an accidental discharge or unsafe gun handling will result in a stage DQ.

2. Shot shells are limited to #7 1/2 - #9 shot.

3.  Total Time scoring is used at all matches.

4.  From the SASS Handbook - "All shooters must demonstrate rudimentary familiarity and proficiency with the firearms being used.  Shooters are expected to perform within their capabilities at all times. SASS matches are not the forums in which to learn basic firearms handling ."

It is highly recommended that new shooters that have never shot a SASS match before observe one match prior to shooting with the Pungo Posse. It is required that all shooters read the SASS Handbook, available at http://www.sassnet.com/Downloads/SHB%20Version%2021.8.pdf